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21, Cancer, United States

Important details of HedonLovers

SexCouple Female + Male
Sexual PreferenceStraight
Height5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Weight100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
Pubic HairTrimmed
What makes me horny
What doesn't? We are a real loving couple who loves to have romantic foreplay and slow intimate sex that can turn incredibly naughty. We are very interested in fetish requests such as DDLG, small penis worship or humiliation, light bondage, "cucking", roleplaying, etc.

The most intimate relationships are built in full private chat as regularly as you desire. PM us a special request anytime.
About me
Young and lustful, watch as we explore eachother's bodies.
What turns me off

What We do on webcam

Working hours of HedonLovers
Monday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Friday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Highest Tipper Rewards
Hourly: At the end of each hour of the show, we will count the highest tipper of the hour, who will receive a FREE 30 second act request. Options are: oral, tit suck, tit fuck, hand/footjob, vibrator penetration, flash closeup, mutual masturbation.
Weekly: We will count the scores of the hourly contest winners from all of our shows throughout the week (Sun-Sat), and every Saturday night the SPECIAL FREE SHOW will be dedicated to the highest tipper of the week, who will get special treatment and you will be able to choose a FREE two minute act (Options: oral, tit suck, tit fuck, hand/footjob, rub cock on ass, vibrator penetration, flash closeup, mutual masturbation, split cam).

Monthly:We will count the scores of the winners of the weekly competitions through the entire month, and we will do a FREE HOUR LONG SHOW DIRECTED BY THE HIGHEST TIPPER OF THE MONTH! This hour long show is YOUR CHANCE to tell us exactly* what to do, and how to do it. The Monthly show is the only time we will do a free live sex show INCLUDING ORGASM AND CUMSHOT!
*HedonLovers reserve the right to deny certain requests beyond our comfort zone. Please remain respectful of boundaries, and you will get the sexy show that you deserve.*
Private Shows

If you are looking for a more intimate experience than sharing us with hundreds of other viewers, we would love to invite you to spend a special time with us in a private show where you call the shots and tell us exactly* what to do to each other, just how you like it. This is your chance to see what you really want. Shows can include live sex, cumshot, roleplaying, bondage, fetish requests, and more.

*HedonLovers reserve the right to deny certain act requests that are beyond our comfort zone. Please remain respectful of our boundaries, and you will receive the sexy show that you deserve. ;) *

Highest Tipper Leaderboard (Monthly Cumulative)

At the end of every month, the tipper with the HIGHEST CUMULATIVE SCORE wins an HOUR LONG show that they are able to completely direct in free chat.

Want a chance to put your name on our leaderboard and earn a free act request during our show? Highest tippers get a reward every single hour, weekly, and monthly!

Schedule a Date With Us?

Still thinking about last nights private show? We are too. If you're craving more, set up another show at your convenience. Private message us to find the perfect date and time. We'll turn our rendezvous into an affair.

Let's build an intimate relationship in full private chat, where we can feel most comfortable to get to know each other deeply, without other viewers peeping in.

On our dates we will feel free to explore our deepest fantasies and fetishes.

We'll be waiting for you ;)

Top Spenders Leaderboard!

This may be the most important list, because it accumulates both TIPS and CHAT spending! Prizes will be phenomenal.

1. 763 Quartus! We dare you to beat his highest tipper contest total for this weeks contest at 420 tokens!

2. 474 Mark Carlito can confirm for anyone how intimate, passionate, and romantic we can be in private chat when we all feel so comfortable together.

3. 440 Fleshosterone upgraded his account to gold for us! Made his way to our top spenders in one show!

4. 414 Aidane55

5. 382 Mannnrw

Rewards will be quarterly (every 3 months)

Best Members
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Comments (7)
Eve is an absolute stunner and has a voice like silk. Check 'em out!
Your smile makes the world brighter and your body is a real pleasure. Thanks for making us happy with your presence and your wonderful performance.
Best couple ever seen here....congratulations...:)
a perfect couple , very friendly and amazingly sexy
i can not recommend these guys enough
very loving couple, Eve is so sweet she is the first women I ever met that I believe when she says that she is ok with a small penis. she is turned on by a man with a small penis. there would be a lot less stress being with a women that will accept you for whatever you have physically. if you do have a small penis its like she wants to save you like she is a super hero. Alex is a nice guy too. they make a great couple
the sexiest couple here!!!